Speech Judges

Starting with the 2013-14 school term, all fine arts judges need to complete an online rules test in their area in order to be placed on the certified judges list. Fine arts managers and judges have received increased scope in determining rules and handling appeals. Therefore, it is important to our schools that we ensure professionals have up-to-date information.

***To be placed on the certified list, judges must have or create an NDHSAA account. Valid email addresses must be used in NDHSAA account creation or update. This is the way judges will receive information from NDHSAA. All judges may take tests during school windows or throughout the season. Coaches will be placed on the certified list(s) upon test completion. Certified Judge lists are updated upon completion of tests.

Click HERE for Judge Certification information including screenshots and directions for test completion.

Certified/registered Speech Judges

If your name does not appear on the list below and you have completed the 2013/14 Debate online rules test, please contact Brenda Schell brenda.schell@sendit.nodak.edu

Updated 06/03/2014