Girls Golf Regulations


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13. Class A player may use distance measuring devices

Qualifying mark for Class A region meets updated

Number of players for Class A individual qualifier meets changed to eight (8)

Boys’ A
Begin practice -                                   April 7
First allowable meet -                         April 11
Deadline for Regional Meets -            May 28          

Girls’ and Boys’ B
Begin practice -                                   March 24
First Allowable meet -                        March 28
Deadline for Regional Meets -            May 17

  1. Contests may be held after four days of formal practice for teams and individuals.
  2. Teams may have a maximum of six players with the four lowest scores counting toward team score.  The fifth player's score will be used to break ties.  If still tied, the 6th player's score will be used to break ties.  It is up to the school's program whether they wish to use the 6th player during regular season competition.  Individual ties need not be broken except in the event of a tie for medalist or 6th place.
    1. If a player is removed from the team (not an individual qualifier) for violating association rules or a verified illness/injury, said player may be replaced on the team roster. 
    2. If a player is removed from the team for other disciplinary reasons, said player may not be replaced.  Any changes in the roster must be cleared with the tournament manager beforehand.
  3. Junior high students may move up to high school teams and return to junior high teams during the season.
  4. Players shall play without undue delay.  Management should be alerted to groups delaying normal progress of the meets.  The tournament manager (regular season, region & state) will have the authority to warn players of irregularities on the course and may appoint an official from the coaching group to serve as a marshal where said manager sees a need.  Adhering to all rules shall be emphasized.
  5. USGA rules will govern play (“summer rules” for state tournament) unless stated otherwise by state association adoption or by local rules of the course hosting a NDHSAA contest.
    1. Violations and Penalties:
      1. Any competitor who throws a club or other item in disgust, uses profanity, etc. shall be penalized as follows:
      2. First offense - two stroke penalty
      3. Second offense - tournament disqualification
      4. ** Under certain circumstances, the tournament management may disqualify a contestant for the first offense.
  6. All players in each group are to sign all score cards in the group. 
    1. After each hole, each golfer shall announce her/his score for all to note. 
    2. At the end of the round, take your time, check and sign your card. 
    3. After approving the scorecards of your playing partners, sign and immediately hand them into the scoring committee. (Please refer to the USGA RULES OF GOLF, Rule 6, “Players’ Responsibilities”)
  7. A player is to be assessed a 2-stroke penalty for using electronic devices during a round.
    1. These items include, but not limited to cell phones, range finders and I-Pod type devices. 
    2. The purpose of this rule is to prevent these items from being used on the “course proper”. 
    3. They may be used at the “turn”, but only off the course. 
  8. Maximum number of strokes on a hole may be 10 (not for A boys).  If a player chooses to “pick up”, he/she will forfeit his/her right to individual award but his/her score may still count towards the team score (regional and state).  If a player chooses to “play it out”, she/he cannot have a “circle 10”, the total number of strokes must be counted.
  9. Collared shirts are required and players are encouraged to wear school-identifying apparel.    Failure to comply is disqualification for the remainder of the day.
  10. Golf coaches are NOT allowed to play on the tournament course until tournament competition is completed each day at NDHSAA sponsored tournaments.  Coaches are responsible for their own green fees.
  11. Golf coaches shall be at the tournament site and marshal as directed by the tournament manager.  Marshals shall be present to assist competitors in obtaining rules interpretations from the residing pro and be available for checking scores.
  12. It is strongly recommended that coaches attend the pre-tournament rules meeting with their teams so they are available to answer questions.
  13. NEW - (Class A only) – Players may use distance measuring devices for all regular season and tournament play with the following stipulations:
    1. In each pairing if any player uses a range finder/GPS device then all players in the pairing will have access to the device.
    2. Any player using a device but does not allow other members of the pairing to utilize it when asked will be disqualified for a serious breach of etiquette (USGA Rule 33-7) by the tournament committee.
    3. GPS devices on cell phones are not permitted.  Use of GPS devices on cell phones will result in disqualification.
    4. Range finders that calculate slope in addition to yardage are not permitted.  Use of range finders that calculate slope will result in disqualification of any player that utilized the device.
  14. Coaches may coach “through the green” as follows:
    1. Each team (Class A and B) shall designate TWO COACHES who will be able to offer advice at any point during a round. “Coach” is defined as a member of the institution’s coaching staff.
    2. Before the day’s play, the designated coach must be identified to the games committee by signing in and wearing the appropriate credential (designated coach) at all times.
    3. The designated coach will not be allowed within 10 yards of the green, teeing ground or bunker during play.
    4. The coach does not give advice to or ask for advice from another team’s player or coaches.
    5. The advice is given in a private manner that does not disrupt play.
    6. Coaches will be allowed contact with players following play of a hole between the green and the next tee box.
    7. Players receiving advice during a hole will still be bound by the 40-second time limit to play a shot.
    8. Each tournament shall have a tournament manager who has the authority to enforce the slow play rule and oversee the coaching rule.
    9. Coaches using carts – 90 degree rule, no carts on fairways, carts 30 yards from all players
    10. Penalties
      1. By a coach—two-stroke penalty with a maximum of four-stroke penalty to a team, followed by a team disqualification.
      2. By a player—two-stroke penalty with a maximum of four-stroke penalty to a player with final disqualification.
      3. The tournament committee/manager is responsible for assessing the penalties.
  15. Spectator Etiquette:  Failure to comply will result in one warning and removal from the event on the second offense.  Management may remove any spectator on the first offense if deemed necessary.
    1. Stay at least 30 yards from the golfers except when assisting the players when looking for golf balls.
    2. Acknowledging and applauding the player’s good shots is encouraged by the spectators but advice on club selection or course management decisions of any kind is not allowed during the round.
    3. Be aware of the group teeing off behind you at all times. Stay in the rough to help speed up play.
    4. No carts are to be used unless proof of handicap is provided to the golf course staff.
  16. GOLF SPORTSMANSHIP REMINDER:  The Golf Coaches’ Advisory Committee has requested that coaches teach the following at practice:  THANK YOU
    1. Be honest; count every stroke.
    2. Make certain of the number of strokes for penalty.
    3. Refrain from moving, talking or standing too close to a player while he/she is making a stroke.
    4. WAIT to play until the group ahead is a safe distance away.
    5. Play without delay but stay with your group.  Leave the putting green as a group promptly.
    6. Each person shall call out his/her score as soon as one has holed out to verify score.
    7. Replace divots, smooth out bunkers, etc.
    8. Avoid stepping in the line of another golfer's putt.
    9. Control your temper.  Offensive language or throwing clubs will not be tolerated.
    10. Do what is right.  Display good sportsmanship/citizenship at all times.
    11. Display respect for other players, officials and administrators of any given contest.
  17. Media Policy for NDHSAA Golf Tournaments
    1. Media personnel may communicate with players only:
      1. Before competition begins
      2. At the “turn”
      3. Following the round

State Qualifying:

  1. A maximum of six golfers (counting the four best scores) per team may compete and the tournament manager will determine the entry procedure.
  2. BOYS’ B:      The top three teams, any team that shoots 32 or less over par in each region, the top 10 individuals (and ties) in each region and golfers scoring seven or less over par at the regional tournament will advance to state. (** These names must be sent immediately to the state manager)
  3. BOYS’ A:   The top six teams, the top ten individuals and ties, golfers scoring 7 or less over par and golfers scoring 7 or less over the medalist at the region and the ten all-conference golfers from each of the two regions advance to the state tournament

a.   Each region will designate one invitational tournament where individuals can qualify for the state tournament.

  1. To be a qualifier, tournament MUST be approved by and recorded in the NDHSAA Office prior to the tournament.
  2. NEW - Teams may enter up to eight (8) individuals in the designated individual qualifier tournament.
  3. If the tournament is postponed, it may be rescheduled, but if it is played, regardless of weather conditions it will count as the qualifier
  4. Qualifying marks will be 7 over par or 7 over the medalist, whichever is higher
  5. Tee markers must be at “regular position” for that course and cannot be moved forward to enhance scoring

v.   Qualifying tournament does not have to be held at the region tournament site

  1. GIRLS’ B:      The top three teams in each region, teams with a score of 60 or less over par in each region, the top 10 individuals (and ties) in each region and golfers scoring 10 or fewer strokes above the medalist’s score or 15 strokes or less over par at the regional meet.  (These names must be sent immediately to the state manager)
  2. B Only:    Each region will designate two invitational tournaments where individuals can qualify for the state tournament. 
    1. To be qualifiers, tournaments MUST be approved by and recorded in the NDHSAA Office prior to the tournament.
      1. If the tournament is postponed, it may be rescheduled, but if it is played, regardless of weather conditions it will count as one of the two qualifiers
    2. Qualifying marks will be 7 over par for boys and 15 over par for girls
    3. Tee markers must be at “regular position” for that course and cannot be moved forward to enhance scoring
    4. Qualifying tournaments do not have to be held at the region tournament site
  3. ALL:  If teams tie at regional tourneys or the state tourney, the fifth score will be used and if still tied, the sixth score will be used.  If still tied, all team members are to play an extra hole, counting four best, and continue in this manner until the tie is broken.
  4. ALL:  Sudden victory play-offs will break ties for medalist honors, but ties for other individual awards shall not be broken.
  5. ALL:  First, second and third place team trophies will be awarded at the regions. 

Golf Regions

The B Boys' and Girls' golf schools will be divided into six regions. Schools not listed will be assigned a region by the NDHSAA.
            NOTE: Each regional manager will set the tournament starting time.
(B) = boys only; (G) = girls only

REGION 1: Boys at Lisbon, Pat Adair, Mgr.; Girls at Grand Rapids, Lucas Isaacson, Mgr.
Schools: Edgeley/Kulm, Ellendale, LaMoure/Litchville-Marion, Lidgerwood/Hankinson/Fairmount, Linton/HMB, Lisbon, Medina, Milnor/Wyndmere, Napoleon/Gackle-Streeter, North Sargent, Oakes, Sargent Central, South Border, Strasburg

REGION 2: Boys at Carrington, Greg Johnson, Mgr.; Girls at Carrington, Greg Johnson, Mgr.
Schools: Carrington, Central Cass, Enderlin/Maple Valley, Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page, Griggs Co. Central, Hillsboro/Central Valley, Kindred, May-Port CG, New Rockford-Sheyenne, Oak Grove, Pingree-Buchanan (G), Thompson (G), Warwick 

REGION 3: Boys at Park River, Aaron Schramm, Mgr.; Girls at Larimore, Patti Aanenson, Mgr.
Schools: Dakota Prairie, Drayton, Edmore, Grafton/St. Thomas, Hatton/Northwood (G), Hatton/Northwood/Thompson (B), Lakota, Langdon, Larimore, Minto, Munich/Starkweather (G), North Star (G), North Star/Starkweather (B), Park River/Fordville-Lankin/Valley-Edinburg, Pembina County North (North Border/Cavalier),

REGION 4: Boys at Harvey, Jon Bertsch, Mgr.; Girls at Velva, Larry Sandy, Mgr.
Schools: Benson County (Leeds/Maddock) (B), Bishop Ryan (B), Bottineau, Central McLean (McClusky/Underwood/Turtle Lake-Mercer), Drake-Anamoose, Dunseith, Garrison/Max, Glenburn, Harvey/Wells County/Goodrich, Northern Lights (St. John/Rolla/Rolette/Wolford), Our Redeemer’s (B), Rugby/Leeds/Maddock (G), Sawyer, Velva, Westhope/Newburg

REGION 5: Boys at Medora (Bully Pulpit), Brandt Gaugler, Mgr; Girls at Bowman, Tyler Senn, Mgr.
Schools: Beach (B), Beulah, Bowman County, Center-Stanton, Dickinson Trinity/New England (B), Grant County/Flasher, Hazen, Heart River (South Heart/Belfield)/Richardton-Taylor (B), Heart River (South Heart/Belfield)/New England/Richardton-Taylor (G), Hettinger/Scranton, Killdeer, Mott-Regent, New Salem-Almont/Glen Ullin/Hebron, Shiloh Christian, Solen, Standing Rock/Selfridge, Southern McLean (Washburn/Wilton/Wing)

REGION 6: Boys at Kenmare, Dobie Thom, Mgr.; Girls at Mohall, Robby Voigt, Mgr.
Schools: Bowbells, Burke Central, Des Lacs-Burlington, Divide County, Kenmare, Lewis & Clark (Berthold/North Shore), Mandaree, MLS Mohall, New Town/Parshall, Powers Lake, Ray, Stanley, Tioga, Watford City, White Shield, Williston Trinity Christian/Trenton

EAST REGION:  Wahpeton, Mike McCall, Mgr.
Devils Lake, Fargo Davies, Fargo North, Fargo South, Grand Forks Central, Grand Forks Red River, Shanley, Valley City, Wahpeton and West Fargo

WEST REGION:  Jamestown, Jim Roaldson, Mgr.
Bismarck, Bismarck Century, Bismarck Legacy, Bismarck St. Mary’s, Dickinson, Jamestown, Mandan, Minot, Turtle Mountain, and Williston

State Meets:
State B, May 27 & 28
Girls @ Carrington, Greg Johnson, Mgr.
Boys @ Fargo (Rose Creek), Jon Erickson, Mgr.

State A, June 3 & 4
Boys @ Jamestown (Country Club), Jim Roaldson, Mgr.
State Information:

Practice:  Coaches need to contact the tournament pro shop concerning course availability for practice rounds before tournament. *Schools near the tournament sites should practice prior to the weekend so tee-times we request on that weekend are minimized. Their members “need some space”, so we need to accommodate where possible.

B Boys’ coaches contact the Rose Creek, 701-235-5100.  B Girls’ coaches contact the Carrington CrossRoads Golf Course, 701-652-2601 or A Boys’ coaches contact the Jamestown Country Club at 701-252-8448. Green fees will be charged for practice rounds.

  1. There shall be no practice at the state tournament site the day before the tournament begins unless all involved schools are out of session.
  2. The rule, “no practice on the course the day of the tournament” has been modified. If no putting green or driving range is available, putting on the 9th green and driving balls on the 9th fairway until a certain hour of the morning may be permitted. Those who have not had a practice round will be permitted to walk the course prior to tee-off time on the morning of the tournament.
  3. Starting times will be set by the tournament manager.
  4. Line-ups for state competition can be adjusted until the state tournament begins.
  5. The tournament manager will assign groups for the first day’s play.  All #1 players and individual qualifiers will be grouped.  All #2 players shall be grouped, all #3 players, etc.  Coaches may option to request their players be placed lower than their team position but may not request to be placed higher.  Following the first day, groups will be assigned using the first day's scores.
  6. Following the first day, the four lowest scores from each team are computed for team score for that day.
  7. A team may not substitute a player on the second day of the tournament.
  8. After the second day, the four best scores from that day are totaled and added to the first day total.  These do not have to be the same four golfers as those of the first day.
  9. In the event of a team tie, the two-day total of the five best scores of each day shall be used.  If still tied, the sixth score from each day shall be used.  If still tied, all team members will play an extra hole, counting the four best scores and continue in this manner until the tie is broken.
  10. Sudden victory play-offs will break ties for medalist honors, but ties for other individual awards shall not be broken.


  1. First, second and third place team trophies will be awarded.  Individual first place will be designated as "medalist" and the next nine lowest scores as "all state" and ties for tenth.  Only ties for medalists shall be broken.


Updated 03/13/2014