Girls Ice Hockey Regulations

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•       *Tournament Overtime Procedure updated
•       *Instant replay for state tournament games 

1.Practice begins on the date set by the NDHSAA Board and concludes with the state tournament.

3.One pre-season inter-squad scrimmage can be held prior to the first allowable game. Scrimmages must conform to the definition as found in the Constitution and By-Laws Q&A Part Two, Art XIV, Sec III, Q & A #10.  Scrimmages held after your first game count as one of the maximum number of games.

5.Individual players are permitted to participate in a maximum of 5 periods in one day. Violation will result in forfeiture of the contest(s) in which the violation(s) occurred and the participant will sit out the next regular scheduled contest at that level.  Individual players are permitted to participate in 80 periods in a season, 76 periods plus an invitational tournament, or 76 periods plus no more than 4 periods of an invitational tournament and one tournament of a lower level not including NDHSAA sponsored tournaments.

7.Game disqualification and game misconduct penalties shall follow PART TWO, ARTICLE XIV, Section XIII of the NDHSAA Constitution & By-Laws. 

8.NDHSAA varsity hockey will play 17-minute periods.

10. During regular-season games, if the game remains tied at the end of the eight (8) minute overtime period, the teams will proceed to a shootout. The rules governing the shootout shall be the same as those listed under NFHS Rule 4, Section 7 - Penalty Shot.

Three (3) skaters from each team shall participate in the shootout and they shall proceed in such order as the Head Coach selects. All skaters are eligible to participate in the shootout unless they are serving a ten-minute misconduct or have been assessed a game misconduct or a game disqualification.

Each team will be given three shots, unless the outcome is determined earlier in the shootout. After each team has taken three shots, if the score remains tied, the shootout will proceed to a "sudden death" format. No skater may shoot twice until everyone who is eligible has shot.  If, however, one team has fewer skaters eligible for the shootout than its opponent, both teams may select from among the skaters who have already shot. This procedure would continue until the team with fewer skaters has again used all eligible shooters.

The losing goalkeeper will not be charged with the extra goal against. The player scoring the game-winning goal in the shootout will not be credited with a goal scored in his/her personal statistics.

11. At the conclusion of a period, teams must remain at their bench area until the referee signals the players to proceed directly to their dressing rooms.  PENALTY:  MINOR (captain’s choice of players).  This is in accordance with Rule 2-3-4 of the NFHS Rule Book.

 GIRLS’ Information:


    1.  Each teams must play other teams in the state at least once.

    3. Games will have the following point total is teams play once:
            Regulation win – 6 points
            Overtime or Shootout Win – 4 points
            Overtime or Shootout Loss – 2 points
            Regulation Loss – 0 points

A. Most points earned in head-to-head competition (double points earned if teams only play once) If still tied,

C. Most regulation wins in region competition (double each regulation win if teams only play once) If still tied,

E. Most points earned against next highest ranked team in the region (double points earned if teams only play once) If still tied, continue down the standings until the tie can be broken.  If still tied,

G. Coin flip by a NDHSAA representative

East Region - Devils Lake, Fargo Davies, Fargo North, Fargo South/Shanley, Grafton/Park River, Grand Forks Central, Grand Forks Red River, and West Fargo

Regular season regional standings will be used to determine seeding for regional tournaments. The regional standings will be determined by using the following system:

    2.  Games will have the following point values if teams play twice:
           Regulation Win – 3 points
           Overtime or Shootout Win – 2 points
           Overtime or Shootout Loss – 1 point
           Regulation Loss – 0 points    

If teams are tied at the end of regular season play, their regional position shall be determined by:

B. Most goals scored head-to-head competition (double goals scored if teams only play once) If still tied,

D. Most points earned against highest ranked team in the region (next team below if teams are tied for first place.  Double points earned if teams only play once) If still tied,

F. Greatest goal differential in all region games, with a maximum of a six goal differential per game (double each goal differential if teams only play once) If still tied,


    1. The top four teams from each regional tournament will qualify for the state tournament.

Regional Pairings:
         1        vs       8
         4        vs       5
         2        vs       7
         3        vs       6

Officials will be assigned by the NDHSAA.


Pairings & Format: 

     1 vs      8
     4 vs      5
     2 vs      7
     3 vs      6

The higher team in the final division standings will be the home team in each State Tournament game. In case teams' final rankings are the same, head-to-head competition will be used; if still tied, total goals in head-to-head competition will be used; and if still tied, a coin flip will determine home team.





Up to thirty-four passes per school maybe issued. All players, student managers, coaches, cheerleaders and school officials must present passes or tickets for admission to any and all sessions.  The cost for extra passes will be deducted from the school’s team payment.

Press: Two passes for writers and one for a photographer to each daily newspaper represented. Two passes for each weekly newspaper represented.

Protests as to the eligibility of a contestant will be considered prior to the tournament or after the tournament, but not while said tournament is in progress.

Each school is responsible for players and students attending tournaments. Suitable chaperones should accompany each delegation.


An appropriate shirt is required at all NDHSAA sponsored region and state events.  An appropriate shirt is to be determined as per local school policy. 



**On page 17 of the Spirit Rules book, Rule 2, Section 1, Article 11, it states:  "artificial noisemakers must not be used at indoor athletic contests except during pre-game or halftime performances, when doing so does not violate state association rules. 



Please prominently place the following statement in tournament programs. “Good sportsmanship is displaying a commitment to fair play, ethics and integrity.  Please display good sportsmanship throughout the tournament.  THANK YOU.  Spectators displaying any unsportsmanlike conduct such as, but not limited to taunting, baiting or carrying flags around the arena, will be removed”.

    1. Teams remain in bench area for a three-minute rest before playing an eight-minute overtime.

    3. If still tied, teams remain in bench area for a three-minute rest before playing an eight-minute overtime.



    2.     If sub-contracted, the tournament manager shall be responsible for approving the contents of the program.  Materials in the program should be primarily information relative to the tournament, the participating teams, tournament history, NDHSAA history, etc.

    4.     Tournament programs shall include information supplied by the NDHSAA office.











<p style="" text-align:justify;line-height:120%"="">Region and state tournaments are protected by master liability, property damage, hold-up and burglary insurance. This policy does not cover damage to the premises.

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