Boys Soccer Regulations

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2016 NDHSAA Soccer Regulations:

New Regulation – Three points will be awarded for a win for boys and girls soccer.

Regular Season:

  1. The season is determined by the NDHSAA Board of Directors and shall be no longer than 12 weeks. 
  2. Each team must offer practice a minimum of nine days prior to the first game and individuals must participate in nine daily practices (only one practice per day can be counted). 
  3. One pre-season scrimmage is allowed.  Interscholastic scrimmages after the allowable date of the first game shall be counted as games.
  4. A team may play 19 games.  No games may be played after the state finals.
  5. A team can play a maximum of two games in one day and an individual can play a maximum of four halves. 
  6. A team can play a maximum of four games in any seven-day period and an individual can play a maximum of eight halves (The penalty for violation is; forfeit the game in which the violation occurred and the student who violated must sit out the next scheduled day/night of competition). 
  7. A suspended game as per NFHS 7-1-3, if less than one half has been played, the game shall continue from the point of interruption.

Online Tests and Clinics:
Online tests and clinics will be available and must be completed.
* Watch the website for details and updates.

All games will be played according to National Federation Rules.

Regular season games that are tied at the end of regulation play will end as ties. Suspended games will be administered as per rule 7-1-3.  First half suspensions may be continued from the point of interruption or rescheduled.  Second half suspensions are ended as official games.

“Running Clock” - If during the second half, the goal differential is 5 or more, the clock will run through goals, penalties etc.

Tournament games: When teams tie, they shall return to their respective team areas.  There will be five minutes during which both teams may confer with their coaches and the referee will inform teams of the overtime procedure.

** There shall be no more than two ten-minute “golden goal” overtime periods.

  1. A coin toss shall be held as in Rule 5-2-2e-2.
  2. If tied following the first overtime, there will be a 2-minute interval, teams will change ends and another 10-minute sudden victory overtime period will be played.
  3. If a tie remains, coaches, officials and team captains shall assemble at the halfway line to review the procedure below.
    1. The referee shall choose the goal at which all kicks shall be made from the penalty mark.
    2. Each coach will select any five players, including the goalkeeper, on or off the field (except those who may have been disqualified), to take the shots.       
    3. A coin toss shall be held.  The team winning the toss shall have the choice of kicking first or second.
    4. Teams will alternate kickers. 
    5. There is no follow-up on the kick.
    6. The defending team may change the goalkeeper prior to each penalty kick.
    7. Following five kicks for each team, the team scoring on the greater number of    these kicks shall be declared the winner.
    8. Add one goal to the winning team score and credit the team with a victory. 
    9. An asterisk may be placed by the team that advances and that said advancement was the result of a tie-breaking system.
  4. If the score remains tied after each team has had five penalty kicks:
    1. Each coach will select five different players than the first five who have already kicked to take the shots from the penalty mark in a sudden victory format. If a team scores and the other team does not score, the game is ended without further kicks.
    2. If the score remains tied, continue the sudden victory shots from the penalty mark with the coach selecting any five players for the next set of alternative penalty kicks.

State Tournament Qualification:
Each region will determine its representatives to the state tournament through the regular season play described below or through a region tournament. 

The NDHSAA will provide six game ball for state tournament play.

Region Tournament:  If a region tournament format is used, games played in the tournament are counted towards the regular season maximum.

Regular Season Play:  Each team must play all other teams in its region twice with the top four teams from each region qualifying for the State Tournament.  Three points for a win, one point for a tie and no points for a loss will determine standings within each region.

Region Standing Tie-Breaking Procedure (when a step breaks the tie, go no further): 

If teams have earned an equal number of points at the end of the regular season, regional position shall be determined by:

  1. Most wins in head to head competition.
  2. Most goals scored head to head competition.
  3. Most wins against the highest ranked team in the region.
    1. (Next team below if teams are tied for first)
  4. Most favorable differential in points versus a region team beginning with the highest ranked team.  If still tied, the 2nd place team, etc. down the rankings until the tie is broken.
  5. Most favorable differential in goals versus a region team beginning with the highest ranked team.  If still tied, the 2nd place team, etc. down the rankings until the tie is broken.
  6. Coin Flip by NDHSAA representative.

State Tournament:
Girls’ and Boys’ play an 8-team single elimination tournament with a consolation round playing to 5th place.

The bracket is as follows:

  • 1E vs. 4W - 12:00
  • 2W vs. 3E - 2:15
  • 1W vs. 4E - 4:30
  • 2E vs. 3W - 6:45

The running clock regulation has been added to state tournament games. “Running Clock” - If during the second half, the goal differential is 5 or more, the clock will run through goals, penalties etc.                                                          

Teams may dress a maximum of 22 players for the State Tournament.

Up to thirty-four passes per school may be issued. All players, student managers, coaches, cheerleaders and school officials must present passes or tickets for admission to any and all sessions.  The cost for extra tickets will be deducted from the school’s team payment.

The NDHSAA will select and contract officials for State Tournaments.

State Awards:
Key rings will be awarded to all participants except members of championship and runner-up teams who will receive individual plaques (23 per team, extras may be purchased). Team trophies will be awarded to teams placing first through sixth.

Cheerleaders:  A maximum of 8 cheerleaders or 7 and a mascot are allowed. 

Updated 4/14/16

Updated 04/14/2016