Boys Soccer Regulations

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2013-14 NDHSAA Soccer Regulations:

Regular Season:

  1. Each team must offer practice a minimum of nine days prior to the first game and individuals must participate in nine daily practices (only one practice per day can be counted). 
  2. A team may play 19 games.  No games may be played after the state finals.
  3. A team can play a maximum of four games in any seven-day period and an individual can play a maximum of eight halves (The penalty for violation is; forfeit the game in which the violation occurred and the student who violated must sit out the next scheduled day/night of competition). 
  4. d.     Teams will alternate kickers. 

    The bracket is as follows:
    1E vs. 4W
    2W vs. 3E
    1W vs. 4E
    2E vs. 3W

    In the tournament play, if the score is tied at the end of regulation play, there shall be a maximum of two, ten-minute, “golden goal”overtime periods.  If tied, a shootout will be used to determine the winning team.                                              


    Teams may roster and dress a maximum of 22 players for the State Tournament.


    Up to thirty-four passes per school may be issued. All players, student managers, coaches, cheerleaders and school officials must present passes or tickets for admission to any and all sessions.  The cost for extra tickets will be deducted from the school’s team payment.


    The NDHSAA will select and contract officials for State Tournaments.

    State Awards:

    Key rings will be awarded to all participants except members of championship and runner-up teams who will receive individual plaques (23 per team, extras may be purchased). Team trophies will be awarded to teams placing first through fourth.

    Cheerleaders:  A maximum of 8 cheerleaders or 7 and a mascot are allowed. 

    Updated 4/18/13

Updated 08/18/2014