Softball Regulations

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Regulations as approved by the NDHSAA Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 year:

Start Date:  March 16

First Game: March 27

State Tournament: May 28, 29, 30, 2015 – Dickinson

  1. The softball season is determined by the NDHSAA Board of Directors and is published in the NDHSAA Calendar. The season length shall be 11 weeks.
  2. Each player must have 9 daily practices (counting only one per day) prior to the first interscholastic competition.
  3. Members of high school softball teams may not participate on independent or town teams until after the high school season is over or high school eligibility in softball will be lost for six contests for each game played outside of the high school team or the remainder of the season, whichever is less.
  4. Teams may play a maximum of 36 games in 23 dates prior to the state tournament.
  5. An individual may play in a maximum 252 innings prior to the state tournament. 
  6. Each team may carry a maximum of 18 players for NDHSAA state tournaments. If a coach removes a player for violating association rules or a verified illness, said player may be replaced on the roster. If the coach removes a player for other disciplinary reasons, said player may not be replaced. Any changes in the roster must be cleared with the tournament manager beforehand.
  7. All state tournament games will be 7 innings unless the score is tied (extra innings will be played) or is terminated by the 10-run rule (Rule 4-2-2) as provided in the current Federation Softball Rules Book. Suspended games will be played to completion from the point of interruption.
  8. Protective equipment for the batter, base runner and catcher shall be required as provided in the current National Federation Softball Rules Book. (Please note the warning and ejection rule pertaining to failure of base runner to wear a helmet.)
  9. The use of a double first base will be required for all regular and post season games
  10. All bats shall meet the 2004 ASA Bat Performance Standard, bear either the 2000 or 2004 ASA certification mark, and not be on the ASA non-approved list as found on
  11. The substitution rule permitting re-entry into the game will be in effect as provided in Rule 3-1-3 in the current Federation Softball Rules Book. Likewise, the designated hitter rule as provided in Article 4 of the same rule will be in effect.
  12. Anytime a coach is in live-ball area to confer with players or an umpire, or to occupy a coach's box, the coach shall be attired in school uniform or jersey/coaching shirt with coaching shorts/slacks or warm-up suit in school colors or colors of khaki, black, white or gray. Cutoffs or any type of jeans are prohibited. Jackets are not considered part of the coach's uniform.
  13. The team at bat may use courtesy runners for the pitcher and/or the catcher. The same runner may not be used for both positions. Neither the pitcher nor the catcher will be required to leave the game under such circumstances.
    1. Players who have participated in the game in any other capacity are ineligible to serve as courtesy runners.
      b. A player may not run as a courtesy runner for the pitcher or the catcher and then be used as a substitute for another player in that half inning.
      NOTE: An unreported courtesy runner is an illegal substitute.
  14. No protests will be permitted relative to any NDHSAA tournament game and the decisions of the officials will be accepted as final.
  15. All umpires (must be registered) and coaches are required to complete an online NDHSAA rules clinic annually.  All umpires must also attend an NDHSAA sponsored workshop annually.
  16. State Awards: Individual awards will be presented to 18 rostered players and 1 coach (plaques will be given to members of 1st and 2nd place teams, 18 & 1 as above). Trophies will be presented for places 1 through 7 and extras can be purchased.

Calendar dates:
Opening day of practice - March 16, 2015
Regular season competition is to be concluded on or before the deadline, May 24, 2014 as set by the NDHSAA Board. It is suggested to schedule regular season while allowing for inclement weather that may otherwise cause teams to play past the deadline date.

State Tournament -  May 28, 29, 30, 2015  Site: Dickinson  Manager: Guy Fridley

The NDHSAA Board of Directors has approved a division of softball programs into a Division A and Division B.

Division B East Region (11): Central Cass, Dakota Prairie, Enderlin/Maple Valley, Grafton, Hankinson/Fairmount/Campbell-Tintah/Lidgerwood, Hillsboro/Central Valley, Kindred/Richland, May-Port CG/Hatton/Northwood, Northern Cass, Pembina County North (North Border/Cavalier), Thompson.

Division B West Region (9): Central McLean (Turtle Lake-Mercer/Underwood/McClusky), Des Lacs-Burlington/Lewis & Clark (Berthold/North Shore), Heart River, Kenmare-Bowbells-MLS, Ray, Stanley, Watford City, Westhope/Newburg/Bottineau, Wilton/Wing

Division A East (9):  Devils Lake, Fargo Davies, Fargo North, Fargo South, Grand Forks Central, Grand Forks Red River, Shanley, Valley City, West Fargo

Division A West (10):  Bismarck, Bismarck Century, Bismarck Legacy, Bishop Ryan, Dickinson, Jamestown, Mandan, Minot, Turtle Mountain, Williston

Teams declaring after January 1, 2015 are not eligible for post-season until 2016. 

In both Division A and Division B, eight teams will qualify for the state tournament, four from each region.  Each region will be responsible to determine the teams that will advance to the state tournament.   In the event a region schedules a season end region tournament, it shall count toward the regular season limitations (#4, #5 and #6 above).

State Tournament:
The "home team" or nearest team to the tournament site will play the last game of the state tournament's first round. If there are multiple teams from the tournament site, the highest seed will be the "home team". The pairings will remain the same, but game times will be adjusted.

2015 State Tournament Bracket:

Class A:
Team 1 East vs. Team 4 West
Team 2 West vs. Team 3 East
Team 1 West vs. Team 4 East
Team 2 East vs. Team 3 West

Class B:
Team 1 East vs. Team 4 West
Team 2 West vs. Team 3 East
Team 1 West vs. Team 4 East
Team 2 East vs. Team 3 West

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Updated 04/15/2015