Boys Swimming and Diving Regulations

CLICK HERE for a printable pdf of 2014-15 Swimming (Girls' and Boys') Regulations:

Diving - taping is now allowed wherever not just on the wrist.

The diving score scale is now aligned with all governing bodies.

Backstroke - the swimmer in the backstroke must now have at least one body part above the water on the finish of the stroke.

            a.  The starting date for practice and the first permissible meet is set by the Board.

            b.  The season shall end on the last day of the State Meet.  

            c.  There shall be at least 9 daily practice sessions prior to the date of the first meet.  Individual participants must have participated in at least 9 daily practice sessions before being permitted to participate in an interscholastic contest.

            d.  Divers shall qualify for the State Meet as follows:

                        Boys’ Diving:  11 Dives - Qualification 235/Consideration 220; 6 Dives - No Qualification/Consideration 135 to fill to 32 divers

            e.  7th, 8th, or 9th grade students involved in swimming may compete at either the junior high or senior high level but cannot compete in more than 2 meets per week or a total of 16 meets in a school year.

            f.  The junior high swimming season shall be no longer than the high school season and each school may set their own starting time.

            f.  The whistle start will be used for all regular season and post-season meets.


Updated 11/25/2014