Volleyball Regulations

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2015 Volleyball Regulations

Recommendations approved from fall, 2014 advisory for 2015 season:

  1. Class A hit-a-rounds have been reinstated.  Teams in the first two rounds of the tournament will receive 20 minutes of court time prior to the morning session.  Teams in the afternoon session will receive 20 minutes of court time immediately following first round play.  Hit-a-round have now replaced the parade of athletes.

2015 Volleyball Regulations:

  1. Season begins on the date set by the Board and concludes with the State Tournament.
  2. There shall be at least 9 daily practice sessions prior to the first match. Individual participants must have participated in at least 9 daily practice sessions before being permitted to participate in an interscholastic contest.
  3. The season for each Class B team still participating with District Tournaments is:
    1. 16 regular season matches plus 2 tournaments
    2. 14 matches plus 3 tournaments
    3. 12 matches plus 4 tournaments. (No team or individual may play more than four regular season tournaments.)
    4. Regions using the super region format are granted one or two more matches as per board of directors approval.
  4. Individuals shall not compete in more than 6 sets against one opponent school team on any one calendar day except in tournament play. Also the individual set limitation is six times the number of allowable matches plus tournament play.
  5. Adopt the following warm-up procedure for varsity
  6. Following the JV match, set clock at 25 minutes
  7. Start the clock upon release of JV players from end line at end of match
  8. Blow whistle to start the warm-up at 20 minutes (clock will not be stopped)
  9. Deadline for regular season play will be the Saturday prior to the regional tournaments.
  10. In the event a host team does not use the libero, the visiting team will be responsible to supply a tracker (by prior mutual agreement)
  11. Line judge flags are optional for regular season.
  12. First place from each Class B region shall advance to the State Tournament.
  13. The quarterfinal pairings are:
  14. The head coaches of the eight qualifying teams will use an electronic process to seed the top four teams for the state tournament.  An NDHSAA-approved designee will randomly draw the opponents for the top four seeded teams.
    1. #2 seed vs. Second Random Draw
    2. #3 seed vs. Third Random Draw
    3. #1 seed vs. First Random Draw
    4. #4 seed vs. Fourth Random Draw
  15. All District, Regional and State play will be best-of-five-set matches with rally scoring.
  16. The 2015 officials will be contracted by the NDHSAA. Assignment of officials for regional matches may be made by the NDHSAA or the tournament manager. Officials working the State A Tournament will be the top three selections from each region. Officials working the State B Tournament will be the top selection state-wide from Regions 2, 4, 6 and 8 plus two at-large officials. Assignments of these officials for State Tournament matches are made by the NDHSAA office one week prior to the tournament and officials will then be notified of their specific assignments. Only NDOA and reciprocity officials are eligible to work regional tournaments and only NDOA officials are eligible to work the state tournament.
  17. A floor captain, statisticians, desk officials, ball return workers, ticket takers and sellers, ushers, etc., are to be obtained by the tournament manager. Desk officials are required to wear distinguishing uniforms so they can be readily identified.
  18. It is recommended that registered officials be used as line judges. The NDHSAA will contract officials for the state tournament.  No mileage or per diem may be paid. These officials will receive two tournament passes plus a per-match fee.
  19. No practice will be allowed at the Regional Tournament site on the day prior to the start of the tournament or any time once the tournament has begun.
  20. In Regional and State Tournaments, schools may have a 15 player roster and the maximum number of players dressed for a match is also 15. If disciplinary action of a player is taken by a coach removing a player because of violation of any Association rules, a player may be replaced by someone else for the tournament. If disciplinary action is taken by the coach for reasons other than NDHSAA rules and regulations, a player may not be replaced. Any changes in the roster must be cleared with the tournament manager beforehand. It is not necessary to use the same players in Regional and State Tournaments.
  21. Post-season regulations prohibit the use of video equipment by schools except for the match they are playing. This does not prohibit stations that have contracted for the televising of tournaments from videotaping or filming for delayed telecasts. Private individuals may use video recorders at NDHSAA-sponsored events provided they do not interfere with other people’s view of the game. Tournament managers will determine if individuals are causing any viewing problems.
  22. Junior Varsity matches are best of 3 set matches. In the event a team wins the first two sets, the third set may be played by prior mutual agreement of the competing schools and the officials have been informed of this possibility in advance.
  23. Junior Varsity warm-up shall be standardized.


  1. The junior high volleyball season shall be no longer than the high school season and each school may set their own starting time. Season must be completed by April 1.
  2. Matches shall be 2 out of 3 set matches.
  3. Teams shall play a maximum of 12 matches and no tournaments or 11 matches and 1 tournament or 10 matches and 2 tournaments or 8 matches and 3 tournaments.
  4. Registered Association officials shall be provided in all cases possible. Non-registered high school students shall not be used as referees.
  5. There shall be at least 9 daily practice sessions prior to the first match. Individual participants must have participated in at least 9 daily practice sessions before being permitted to participate in an interscholastic contest.



Updated 08/06/2015