Team Scholars

NDHSAA recognized teams that have met a cumulative 3.20 Grade Point Average as Team Scholars.

Congratulations to the following teams receiving honors for 2013/14.

February Recognition

    Thompson-3.67, Shanley-3.65, Glenburn-3.64
    Thompson-3.57, Starkweather-3.35

Girls’ Swim and Dive
    Shanley/Oak Grove-3.60

Boys’ Tennis
    Shanley/Oak Grove-3.45

Student Congress
    Shanley/Oak Grove-3.76

January Recognition

Girls’ Golf (A)
        Dickinson-3.83, Minot-3.84, Fargo South-3.25, Fargo Davies-3.51, Fargo North-3.85

Boys’ Cross Country
        Mandan-3.84, Valley City-3.26, Barnes County North-3.32, Fargo North-3.68, Minot-3.49, Fargo South-3.30, Fargo Davies-3.50, Shanley/Oak Grove-3.43

        Hazen-3.75, West Fargo-3.55, Cavalier-3.50, Mandan-3.39, May-Port CG-3.68, Valley City-3.59, Enderlin-3.40, Burke County-3.73, Barnes County North-3.63, Minot-3.64, Jamestown-3.46, North Star-3.92, Fargo South-3.54, Center-Stanton-3.64, Drake-Anamoose-3.69, Larimore-3.49, Kenmare-3.78, Maple Valley-3.73, Fargo Davies-3.22

Girls’ Cross Country
        Pembina County North-3.80, Mandan-3.27, Valley City-3.64, Dickinson-3.63, Barnes County North-3.82, North Star-4.00, Fargo South-3.64, Larimore-3.65, Fargo Davies-3.70, Fargo North-3.67, Shanley/Oak Grove-3.61

Girls’ Swimming and Diving
        West Fargo-3.58, Mandan-3.49, Minot-3.65, Fargo South-3.35, Jamestown-3.45, Fargo Davies-3.51, Fargo North-3.72

        Enderlin-3.33, Burke County-3.28, Center-Stanton-3.54, Drake-Anamoose-3.72, Larimore-3.41, Kenmare-3.49, Ray-3.33

Boys’ Soccer
        Jamestown-3.55, Fargo Davies-3.53, Fargo North-3.43, Shanley/Oak Grove-3.52
Boys’ Tennis
        Mandan-3.89, Fargo North-3.50, Minot-3.53, Fargo South-3.41, Fargo Davies-3.72

        Valley City-3.28, Minot-3.32, Drake-Anamoose-3.35, Fargo North-3.23

Student Congress
        Fargo South-3.26

December Recognition

        Ray-3.74, Bowman County-3.85, Westhope/Newburg- 3.25, Grant County-3.67, Park River/Fordville-Lankin-3.43, Shiloh Christian-3.68, St. John-3.77, Grand Forks Red River-3.82, New Salem-Almont-3.35, Ellendale-3.53, Grand Forks Central-3.58, Lewis & Clark (Berthold/North Shore)-3.73, Carrington-3.70, Finley-Sharon/Hope Page-3.61, Devils Lake-3.64, Kidder County (Steele/Tappen)-3.74, Bismarck Century-3.67, Edgeley/Kulm-3.30, Wyndmere/Lidgerwood-3.75, Wilton/Wing-3.70, Bottineau-3.68, Harvey/Wells County-3.87

Boys’ Cross Country
        Bowman County-3.64, Dickinson-3.36, Jamestown-3.40, Shiloh Christian-3.42, West Fargo-3.69, Grand Forks Red River-3.45, Carrington-3.27, Bismarck Century-3.37
Girls’ Cross Country
        Devils Lake-3.71, Bowman County-3.77, Jamestown-3.81, Rugby-3.84, West Fargo-3.74, Grand Forks Red River-3.77, Carrington-3.66, Bismarck Century-3.77

        Bowman County-3.22, Shiloh Christian-3.42, Grand Forks Red River-3.28, Devils Lake-3.40, Carrington-3.20, Bismarck Century-3.33, Kidder County (Steele/Tappen)-3.23, Wyndmere /Lidgerwood-3.40, Lewis & Clark (Berthold/North Shore)/Our Redeemers-3.34, Harvey/Wells County-3.43, Jamestown-3.45

Play (B)
        Wyndmere-3.66, Park River-3.56, Lewis & Clark(Berthold/North Shore)-3.64, Carrington-3.38

Girls’ Golf (A)
        Devils Lake-3.73, Grand Forks Red River-3.88, West Fargo-3.62, Grand Forks Central-3.51, Bismarck Century-3.74

Girls’ Swimming and Diving
        Grand Forks Red River-3.85, Bismarck Century-3.69

Boys’ Soccer
        Grand Forks Red River-3.62, Grand Forks Central-3.47, Bismarck Century-3.48

Boys’ Tennis
        Grand Forks Red River-3.94, West Fargo-3.81, Bismarck Century-3.75

Student Congress
        West Fargo-3.48, Carrington-3.26, Bismarck Century-3.54

November Recognition

Girls’ Golf (A)

October Recognition


September Recognition

    Wahpeton-3.52, Kindred-Richland-3.54, Mandan-3.28, May-Port CG-3.25, Bismarck Century-3.37, Grand Forks Red River-3.35, Devils Lake-3.33, Shanley/Oak Grove-3.30, Fargo Davies-3.23, Park River/Fordville-Lankin-3.29

Boys’ Golf
    Lisbon-3.24, Sargent Central-3.51, Oak Grove-3.38, Harvey/Wells County-3.54, Bowman County-3.34, Mandan-3.34, Bismarck Century-3.22, Grand Forks Red River-3.48, Fargo North-3.60, Carrington-3.43, Fargo Davies-3.44, Shanley-3.83, Park River-3.31

Girls’ Golf
    Sargent Central-3.41, Oak Grove-3.30, Harvey/Wells County-3.29, Maple Valley-3.85, Bowman County-3.59, Kindred-3.44, Hazen-3.55, Milnor/Wyndmere-3.60, Carrington-3.57, Park River-3.53

Instrumental Music
    Lisbon-3.45, Oak Grove-3.47, Wyndmere-3.68, Kindred-3.58, Bismarck Century-3.69, Devils Lake-3.35, Shanley-3.66, Kenmare-3.37

    Lisbon-3.31, West Fargo-3.31, Kindred-3.33, Devils Lake-3.45

Girls’ Basketball
    Thompson-3.53, Lisbon-3.22, Oak Grove-3.51, Maple Valley-3.31, Kindred-3.62


    Sargent Central-3.55, Oak Grove-3.73, West Fargo-3.59, Wyndmere-3.74, Kindred-3.69, Fargo North-3.75, Bismarck Century-3.59, Devils Lake-3.31, Shanley-3.58, Kenmare-3.32

Boys’ Basketball
    Oak Grove-3.69, Maple Valley-3.31, Kindred-3.52

    Oak Grove-3.36

    Oak Grove-3.61, Kindred-3.65

Girls’ Track
    Oak Grove-3.47, Jamestown-3.71, Bowman County-3.80, Kindred-3.67, Shiloh Christian-3.34, Hazen-3.53, Milnor/Wyndmere/Lidgerwood-3.47, West Fargo-3.65, Valley City-3.58, Mandan-3.31, Fargo South-3.56, May-Port CG-3.52, Bismarck Century-3.67, Carrington-3.53, Grand Forks Red River-3.63, Fargo North-3.49, Shanley-3.45, Fargo Davies-3.52, Devils Lake-3.48, Rugby-3.72, Park River-3.60, Kenmare-3.85

Boys’ Track
    Oak Grove-3.42, Bowman County-3.63, Kindred-3.29, Shiloh Christian-3.56, Jamestown-3.57, Milnor/Wyndmere/Lidgerwood-3.21, West Fargo-3.23, Bismarck Century-3.44, Carrington-3.40,  Shanley-3.51, Fargo Davies-3.32, Devils Lake-3.24, Grand Forks Red River-3.26, Park River/Fordville-Lankin/Adams-Edmore-3.40

    Oak Grove-3.66, Fargo North-3.71

Vocal Music
    Oak Grove-3.51, West Fargo-3.30, Wyndmere-3.42, Kindred-3.30, Bismarck Century-3.46, Shanley-3.56, Kenmare-3.33

Orchestra Music
    West Fargo-3.37, Bismarck Century-3.37, Devils Lake-3.56

Girls’ Soccer
    West Fargo-3.51, Mandan-3.40, Fargo South-3.44, Bismarck Century-3.77, Grand Forks Red River-3.67, Devils Lake-3.39, Fargo Davies-3.71, Shanley/Oak Grove-3.90, Fargo North-3.74

Girls’ Tennis
    West Fargo-3.61, Valley City-3.50, Fargo South-3.54, Bismarck Century-3.77, Grand Forks Red River-4.00, Fargo North-3.61, Fargo Davies-3.83, Shanley/Oak Grove-3.62

    West Fargo-3.39, Kindred/Richland-3.44, Valley City-3.27, Fargo South-3.24, May-Port CG-3.59, Bismarck Century-3.50, Grand Forks Red River-3.68, Fargo Davies-3.31, Shanley/Oak Grove- 3.44, Devils Lake-3.55, Fargo North-3.60, Kenmare-3.37

Student Congress
    Fargo North-3.83


Updated 01/22/2014