District Chairs

Each Class B district chooses a member to represent their district on the District Chairs Committee. Each district submits items for discussion at the semi-annual District Chairs meeting. District Chairs traditionally meet at the State Volleyball tournament to review fall sports and at the State B Girls' Basketball tournament to review winter and spring sports. Recommendations are reviewed, voted on and passed on to the Athletics Review Committee for review. Agendas and minutes are available on the NDHSAA website.

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Basketball District Chairs - March 20, 2015  
District 1 Chris Swenson, Wyndmere chris.swenson@sendit.nodak.edu
District 2 Dale Nordick, Northern Cass dale.nordick@sendit.nodak.edu
District 3 Patti Aaneson, Larimore Patti.Aanenson@sendit.nodak.edu
District 4 Randy Rice, Grafton randy.rice@sendit.nodak.edu
District 5 Matt Herman, Ellendale mherman@ellendale.k12.nd.us
District 6 Shawn Kuntz, Wishek shawn.kuntz@sendit.nodak.edu
District 7  Rick Smith, Four Winds shawn.kuntz@sendit.nodak.edu
District 8 Brad Fitzgerald, St. John Brad.Fitzgerald@sendit.nodak.edu
District 9 Jerome Slag, New Salem-Almont Jerome.Slag@sendit.nodak.edu
District 10 Brad Rinas, Washburn brad.rinas@sendit.nodak.edu
District 11 David Hoff, Bottineau david.hoff@sendit.nodak.edu
District 12 Peggy Person, Lewis & Clark Berthold peggy.person@sendit.nodak.edu
District 13 Brandt Gaugler, Beach Brandt.Gaugler@sendit.nodak.edu
District 14 Randy Johnson, Hazen randy.wa.johnson@sendit.nodak.edu
District 15 Randy Cranston, Watford City rcranston@watford-city.k12.nd.us
District 16 Michael Bergstrom, Ray michael.bergstrom@sendit.nodak.edu
Updated 02/26/2015