Officials Registration - New Officials

As a NDHSAA Official, it is your responsibility to know the requirements for the sport(s) in which you officiate. Please read all of the information below to understand complete requirements.

• New registrations are accepted until the last clinic date for each sport (CLICK HERE for deadlines).  Each year after your first year, renewals are due July 1st. Renewal on and after July 1st will result in an additional $20.00 fee.
• Deadline for registrations and renewals are the last clinic date for each sport.  No registrations will be accepted after the last clinic date in each sport. CLICK HERE for complete clinic dates.

Registration Process:
• Officials’ registration is online only and is processed through NDHSAA.
• Officials must have NDHSAA accounts with a current email address. Communication will be done through email to the address you have used for your NDHSAA account. If you have an NDHSAA account through coaching, your school NDHSAA account is used for both coaching and officiating information.
• Concussion Management Training is required by North Dakota State Law every 2 years.  Click HERE for a link to NFHS Learn to access the Concussion Management Course and to check your completion date.  You will need your completion date to register.  Click HERE for a pdf of instructions to complete the course.

To Register:  Create a new NDHSAA account, if needed, then click on My Profile, click on the Officials Registration tab, click on the 2013/14 NDHSAA Officials Registration Form link, complete the form, click the submit box, print the receipt and mail the receipt and check in to NDHSAA.
•   Officials are not registered until fees have been received and processed by NDHSAA.
•   Officials are not eligible to officiate until all fees are received and processed by NDHSAA.

CLICK HERE to create new NDHSAA account.

General Information:
•  All officials must have NDHSAA accounts.
• As per ND state law, all officials shall complete concussion management training before officiating at an NDHSAA sponsored event. Month and year of completion must be submitted on NDHSAA officials' registration form.
• Any NONREGISTERED official who officiates an NDHSAA contest may be declared ineligible.
•  Any official who uses tobacco at the site of the contest or consumes alcohol the day of and prior to a contest shall be suspended.
•  Any out-of-state official, who officiates a contest in North Dakota and does not have reciprocity, may be declared ineligible.
•  Officials must attend/complete an NDHSAA rules clinic and complete the rules exam each year. All officials registered in BAB, BB, FB, GYM, SB, VB MUST ATTEND a workshop annually for each sport in which they officiate. (CLICK HERE for sport specific requirements).
• ND State law mandates all officials and coaches complete concussion management training.  CLICK HERE for a link to the NFHS Learn course "Concussion in Sports - What you Need to Know".

Online Testing:
• All officials must be registered through NDHSAA to officiate and NDHSAA must have processed registration fees before any online exams may be taken. You must allow for mailing time. CLICK HERE for online testing dates and information.

Requirements by Sport:
• Officials’ requirements; clinics, workshops, test information, camps, fees, etc., are all posted on the NDHSAA website. (CLICK HERE for sport specific requirements).

• Probationary and Ineligible officials for 2013-14 were notified in May 2013.
• Probationary and Ineligible officials for 2014-15 will be notified in May 2014.
• Officials may check their history by logging in to NDHSAA, clicking on “My Profile” then clicking the “Officials history” link at the
bottom of the page. If you discover a discrepancy, please contact Patty (701-845-3953) as soon as possible.
• The NDOA Classification System has two classifications: Certified or Probationary. Upon receipt of your registration fee, you will be certified and remain certified unless one of the requirements is not fulfilled.
• Officials’ requirements; clinics, workshops, test information, camps, fees, etc., are all posted on the NDHSAA website. (CLICK HERE for sport specific requirements).

Other Regulations:
• An official who registers in a particular sport and decides he/she does not want to officiate or can not comply with regulations may cancel the registration by notifying the NDHSAA office by September 15th for fall sports and by November 30th for winter sports. The test, clinic and workshop requirements would then NOT be in effect; however, an official who thus canceled could not officiate any contests in that sport for the current season. Canceling but actually officiating would make the official ineligible for registration the following year in that sport. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

Updated 01/15/2014