Girls Tennis Regulations

NDHSAA follows USTA Rules of Tennis unless specific NDHSAA regulations exist. 

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2015/16 Boys’ & Girls’ Tennis Regulations

New for 2015/16

#2.      Each season begins on the date set by the Board and concludes with the State Tournament. Each season shall be no less than 8 weeks in length. Beginning in 2016/17 each boys’ and girls’ tennis season shall be no less than 9 weeks in length.

#31.    For team-day court assignments, the East's #1 seed shall be assigned the indoor courts, if used, in even years and the West's #1 seed shall be assigned the indoor courts if used in odd years.


Tennis Regulations

USTA Rules are in affect for all NDHSAA tournaments with the exception of the following NDHSAA regulations

  1. Rules meeting for all head coaches prior to the start of the boys' season will be conducted by NDHSAA.  Girls’ and boys’ head coaches of tennis are required to complete with failure to complete resulting in a fine.
  2. NEW (BOLD):  Each season begins on the date set by the Board and concludes with the State Tournament. Each season shall be no less than 8 weeks in length. Beginning in 2016/17 each boys’ and girls’ tennis season shall be no less than 9 weeks in length.
  3. There shall be at least 9 daily practice sessions prior to the first meet. Individual participants must have participated in at least 9 daily practice sessions before being permitted to participate in an interscholastic contest.
  4. Schools are all grouped in one class and divided into two regions with region assignments decided by Board action.
  5. Sportsmanlike conduct is expected.  The penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct shall be:
    1. First offense - Point penalty
    2. Second offense - Game penalty
    3. Third offense - Disqualification.
    4. Following 3rd offense -  NDHSAA Constitution and By-Law rules concerning player/coach ejection shall be implemented.
  6. Suspended dual matches are to be finished as soon as possible with the same lineups and scores. If time between start and conclusion is significant, line-ups may change with mutual consent of the two coaches.
  7. The region tournaments will be 3-day events with the following schedule:
    1. Region play begins Thursday morning with team play.  All team play to be completed on Thursday and individuals to be completed on Friday and Saturday.  Friday and Saturday play begins at 9:00 am.
  8. The State Tournament will be a 3-day event with team play being held no earlier than 1:00 PM on the first day and singles and doubles following team competition.
    1. Schedule for state tournament – State play begins Thursday with coaches’ meeting at 12:00 pm and play at 1:00 pm. Friday and Saturday play begins at 9:00 am.
  9. In the event indoor facilities are to be used for regional competition, rent will be paid by the NDHSAA.
  10. Regional/state rosters are limited to maximum of 9 players.  Team rosters including head coach(es) and assistant coach(es) shall be electronically submitted on the prescribed form to the NDHSAA office and the region tournament manager by NOON Wednesday of the week preceding the week of the region tournament (a week and a half before region tournament).  Any changes in the individual entry or the team roster from the listing on the original entry form must be submitted to the meet manager in writing prior to the seed meeting of the individual or team tournament.
    1. NOTE: School authorized coaching staff must be included on the entry form. Only these coaches listed will be authorized to approach players for the purpose of coaching during the allowable times in a match.
  11. Regions form their own tie-breaking criteria. If no criteria is formed, it shall be decided by total number of matches lost by each team in only the three matches involving tied teams.
  12. Participants are required to wear appropriate school identifying uniforms. Appropriate dress is expected. Appropriate attire includes an unaltered shirt with sleeves or sleeveless top if tailored by manufacturer. Team members are not required to dress identically, though school identification is expected and similar colors are desirable. Attire deemed inappropriate includes: ragged or cut-off jeans or shorts, tank tops (including tops that do not cover the waist, torn shirts, tennis dresses and/or shirts which have spaghetti straps.
  13. Line-ups for regional and state team competition may be changed from match to match as follows:
    1. Line-ups shall be submitted at the time of court assignments for that particular round. These line-ups will not be revealed until both have been received.
    2. Line-ups submitted must be selected from the seven to nine member roster submitted to the NDHSAA and/or Tournament Manager prior to the start of the regional or state team competition.
    3. Substitutions on the original team roster may be made by notifying the NDHSAA or Tournament Manager prior to the start of the regional or state competition.
    4. Coaches must place their best singles player in the number 1 singles spot, their best doubles players in the number 1 doubles spot, etc., in the line-up submitted for a match.
    5. Once line-ups are submitted, no substitutions may be made for that round.
    6. At the coaches’ meeting prior to the first round of team competition at the state tournament, the head coaches of participating teams shall present their rosters for exchange and review.  Submitted ranked rosters will be used on all subsequent matches for checking team line-up.  Majority vote of the seven coaches reviewing each team shall prevail.
  14. Each school is permitted three entries in the singles event and two doubles teams in the regional tournaments, with all groups competing against one another. The doubles will be one group and singles will be one group, not separate divisions for No. 1, 2 and 3 singles nor for No. 1 and No. 2 doubles.  Coaches must place the best of their three singles players in the No. 1 singles spot, the best of their two doubles team in the No. 1 doubles spot, etc.  Contestants may not enter both the singles and doubles events. Schools may enter contestants in the singles or doubles competition on individual day without entering a full team on team day.
  15. Team competition will consist of two doubles teams and three singles from each school. 
  16. If a regular season line-up is in question, the protest shall be taken to the regional individual seed meeting.  Coaches shall vote on the protest and, if upheld, shall result in a forfeit of any matches in question.  This will be reflected in the seeding for team day.  Records of challenge matches held within the team may be used to verify line-ups and shall supersede the protest leaving the line-up to stand as originally listed.
  17. Allow optional 10-minute break between second and third sets of a match. Play may continue if both players are deemed ready. 
  18. Weather will determine rest period between matches.  Starting time for the second match at region and state shall be 30 minutes following completion of the first match while allowing each individual player to receive a minimum of a 60-minute rest period between his/her play in the first and second round match of team play. However, if weather conditions dictate, shorter rest periods are permissible. Coaches, players and tournament managers will determine the rest requirement.
  19. Practice may be held prior to the time of the coaches’ meeting the first day of the state tournament.
  20. In the event that a team cannot play all five matches simultaneously, court assignments shall be in the following order: (a) #3 singles; (b) #2 doubles; (c) #2 singles; (d) #1 singles; (e) #1 doubles
  21. For all regional and state play, no add scoring will be used for both team and individual day. All championship and consolation matches will be two of three set matches.
  22. In case of ties, matches will use the 12 point tie-breaker will be used in regional and state tournaments.
  23. If member of a state qualifying team becomes ineligible between qualifying for the state tournament and the beginning of the state tournament for any reason, the player may be replaced with a player of equal or lower ranking.
  24. Four roving officials will be hired for State and Region Tournaments (as available).  Two officials will be hired for each region tournament and four officials will be hired for the state tournament.
  25. Roving Official Guidelines/Expectations

            The following guidelines will be expected of all roving officials officiating any/all types of North Dakota High School tennis


  1. Will exercise discretion when calling foot faults, line calls, or dealing with any infractions so as not to disturb neighboring courts.
  2. Enforce the warm-up time limit by advising the players when they have two minutes before the start of play. Players will be allowed up to, but not to exceed a 10-minute warm-up before all matches.
  3. Help resolve scoring disputes by using judgment. First attempt to get the players to reconstruct the score so that they agree on it. Thereafter, the following options are listed in order of preference:
    1. Counting all points and games agreed on by the players, with only the disputed points or games being replayed
    2. Playing from a score mutually agreeable to the players
    3. Deciding the score by a coin toss
  4. Control spectators.
  5. Enforce the Point Penalty System (code and time violations).
  6. Overrule a player’s line call only when in direct observation of that particular court.
    1. When the official overrules a player’s out call, that player loses the point. The roving umpire may overrule as a result of a player appeal. 
  7. Officials will always allow balls to be played that are played “in good faith.”
  8. Stay on a specific court a minimum of 1 game and maximum of 3 games unless asked by player/coach to stay longer.  Exception: If there are enough officials to have one on every court, the official may stay longer than the maximum 3 games.
  9. Be highly visible, but not spy on the players.
  10. Check net heights before a match or between sets.
  11. Call lets on any court in which they observe a let, regardless of the court they are officiating.
  12. Monitor time on changeovers.
  13. Wear an identifying shirt that clearly marks him/her as the USTA official on site.
  1. Region tournament winners of consolation semifinals cross bracket and play the losers of the championship semifinals.  The winners of these two matches would then receive a state tournament berth.  Of these two teams, the team that came into the region tournament as the higher seed would receive the high seed placement for the state tournament. 
  1. If the 3rd and 4th state qualifying teams of the Region tournament met in the first round the winner of the first round will receive the higher seed in the State Tournament.
  1. New balls shall be provided for all matches at region and state tournaments.
  2. Host tournament management will provide portable score cards at all court sites for region and state tournaments.
  3. Unless unusual circumstances influence scheduling, awards presentations shall take place upon completion of all competition on individual day.
  4. NEW - For team-day court assignments, the East's #1 seed shall be assigned the indoor courts, if used, in even years and the West's #1 seed shall be assigned the indoor courts if used in odd years.
  5. Unless inclement weather alters the tournament schedule, the championship match in each respective division shall begin 1 hour after the start of the consolation championship and third place matches.

Updated: 6/17/15

Updated 08/06/2015