Baseball Regulations

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Sport specific Jr. High Regulations appear at the end of each sports' regulations where applicable.

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*State Class A Tournament Day 2 game time adjust option created

  1. The baseball season is determined by the NDHSAA Board of Directors and is published in the NDHSAA Calendar.
  2. Each player must have 9 daily practices (counting only one per day) prior to the first interscholastic competition. 
  3. Members of the high school teams may also participate on the Babe Ruth or Junior Legion teams without affecting their high school baseball eligibility.
  4. Members of high school baseball teams may not participate on independent or town teams until after the high school season is over or high school eligibility in baseball will be lost for six contests or the remainder of the season, whichever is less for each violation.
  5. Teams can play a maximum of 36 games in 23 dates prior to the state tournament.
  6. Individual players can play a maximum of 252 innings prior to the state tournament.  Extra innings are counted as extensions of the final inning (extra innings pitched will count toward individual pitching limitations).
  7.  Pitching regulations are as follows: 
    1. An individual may pitch a maximum of 14 innings in any seven-day period.  
    2. A player may pitch only 12 innings or make only three appearances as a pitcher in a one, two or three consecutive day tournament.
    3. The penalty for violation is; forfeit the game in which the violation occurred and the student who violated must sit out the next regularly scheduled game at that level.
    4. A double or triple play will not cause a pitcher to violate the pitching regulation.
    5. (Class A only) Each pitcher will have a full complement of innings for the region or state tournaments, providing there is a minimum of four days rest prior to the tournament (pitch on the fifth day).  Any innings used between Sunday and the tournament, including play-in games and/or weather related make up games will count in the 14 innings in a seven-day period regulation.
    6. (Class B only) Each pitcher will have a full complement of innings for the region or state tournaments, providing there is a minimum of four days rest prior to the tournament (pitch on the fifth day).  Any innings pitched during the four full days prior to the first game of the region tournament (including play-in games) will count in the 14 innings in a seven-day period regulation.
    7. Pitching innings are counted in thirds.
  8. Each team may carry a maximum of 18 (reimbursed for 15) players for NDHSAA tournaments.  If a coach removes a player for violating association rules or a verified illness, said player may be replaced on the roster.  If the coach removes a player for other disciplinary reasons, said player may not be replaced.  Any changes in the roster must be cleared with the tournament manager beforehand.
  9. All state tournament games will be 7 innings unless the score is tied (extra innings will be played) or is terminated by the 10-run rule (4-2-2) as provided in the current Federation Baseball Rules Book. Suspended games will be played to completion from the point of interruption.
  10. All regional issues will be under the supervision of the regional committee such as determining the representative to the state in the event the region tournament is not completed by the deadline.
  11. Protective equipment for the batter, base runner and catcher shall be required as provided in Rule 1-1-5, in the current Federation Baseball Rules Book. (Please note the warning and ejection rule pertaining to failure of base runner to wear a helmet.)
  12. (Class A only) The use of metal bats is not allowed.  Wood or “wood-like” composition bats must be used.  Wood-like composition bats must have a BBCOR stamp.
    1. (Class B only) Any BBCOR stamped bat (wood, aluminum, or composite) or a single piece wood bat shall be used.
  13. The substitution rule permitting re-entry into the game will be in effect as provided in Rule 3-1-3 in the current Federation Baseball Rules Book. Likewise, the designated hitter rule as provided in Article 4 of the same rule will be in effect.
  14. A coach in a uniform may occupy the coaches’ box.
  15. Speed-Up Rule to be used is, “the team at bat may use courtesy runners for the pitcher and/or the catcher. The same runner may not be used for both positions. Neither the pitcher nor the catcher will be required to leave the game under such circumstances”.
    1. Players who have participated in the game in any other capacity are ineligible to serve as courtesy runners.
    2. A player may not run as a courtesy runner for the pitcher or the catcher and then be used as a substitute for another player in that half inning
    3. NOTE: An unreported courtesy runner is an illegal substitute.
  16. No protests will be permitted relative to any NDHSAA tournament game and the decisions of the officials will be accepted as final.
  17. All umpires (must be registered) and coaches are to complete an online NDHSAA rules clinic annually.  All umpires must also attend an NDHSAA sponsored workshop annually.
  18. State Tournament Awards:
    1. State:  Individual awards will be presented to 18 rostered players and 1 coach (19 plaques will be given to members of 1st and 2nd place teams). Trophies will be presented for places 1 through 7 and extras can be purchased.

Regional Organization:

  1. Each participating school has been assigned to a region.
  2. Each regional chairman is to organize a meeting of all schools in the region.
  3. The region tournament formats, game times and sites shall be determined by the schools involved.
  4. Financial profits and losses belong to the regions.
  5. Class B teams that did not sponsor a team the previous season must notify the NDHSAA office by Jan. 1 if they intend to sponsor a team.  A team that declares on or after Jan. 1 will not be eligible for the post-season.
  6. Team champion and runners-up trophies will NOT be provided by the NDHSAA.

A Region Assignments and Chairmen:

West Region – Lorell Jungling, Mandan
Schools:  Bismarck, Bismarck Century, Bismarck Legacy, Bismarck St. Mary’s, Dickinson, Jamestown, Mandan, Minot, Turtle Mountain, Williston

East Region – Travis Christensen, Fargo
Schools:  Devils Lake, Fargo Davies, Fargo North, Fargo South, Grand Forks Central, Grand Forks Red River, Shanley, Valley City, Wahpeton, West Fargo/Sheyenne

B Regional Assignments and Chairmen:
Region 1 – Brian Midthun, Enderlin
Schools: Central Cass, Enderlin/Maple Valley, Hankinson/Fairmount/Lidgerwood/Rosholt, Kindred/Richland, LaMoure/Litchville-Marion, Northern Cass, Oakes

Region II – Nathan Walsh, Central Valley
Schools: Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page, Hatton/Northwood, Hillsboro/Central Valley, Larimore, May-Port-CG, Thompson

Region III – Gil Black, Midkota
Schools: Carrington, Dakota Prairie, Lakota/Edmore, Medina/Pingree-Buchanan, Midkota, New Rockford-Sheyenne 

Region IV – Randy Rice, Grafton
Schools: Drayton/St. Thomas/Valley-Edinburg Grafton, Langdon Area/Munich, Minto/Midway, Park River/Fordville-Lankin, Pembina Co. North

Region V – David Hoff, Bottineau
Schools: Bottineau, Dunseith, Harvey/Wells County, North Star, Northern Lights, Rugby

Region VI – Chase Lee, Bishop Ryan
Schools: Bishop Ryan, Central McLean, Garrison/Max/White Shield, Sawyer/South Prairie, Surrey/Our Redeemer’s, Velva/Drake-Anamoose  

Region VII – Andy Lach, Des Lacs-Burlington
Schools: Des Lacs-Burlington, Lewis & Clark (Berthold/North Shore)/Parshall, MLS/Glenburn/Kenmare/Bowbells, New Town, Ray, Stanley, Watford City

Region VIII – Monty Mayer, Kidder County
Schools:  Beulah, Hazen, Hettinger/Scranton/Mott-Regent/New England, Kidder County/Napoleon/Gackle-Streeter, Shiloh Christian, WWCS

State Tournament Qualifying:

A & B teams will qualify eight teams for the tournament.  Each A region will determine four qualifying teams and each B region one qualifying team on or before May 23rd.  Be sure to allow for inclement weather when scheduling as the region deadline will not be extended.

State Tournament:

The formats are eight teams and single elimination with consolation brackets. 

The State B will be played at Mandan’s Veteran’s Memorial Ballpark, May 28, 29, and 30 with Lorell Jungling as manager.  The head coaches of the eight qualifying teams will use an electronic process to seed the top four teams for the state tournament.  An NDHSAA-approved designee will randomly draw the opponents for the top four seeded teams.

The quarterfinal pairings are:
#2 seed vs. Second Random Draw – 11:30 am
#3 seed vs. Third Random Draw – 35 minutes after
#1 seed vs. First Random Draw – 4:30 pm
#4 seed vs. Fourth Random Draw – 35 minutes after

The State A will be played at Fargo’s Newman Outdoor Field, May 28, 29, and 30 with Todd Olson as manager. 

The quarterfinal pairings are:
E-1 vs. W-4 – 11:30 am
W-2 vs. E-3 – 35 minutes after
W-1 vs. E-4 – 4:30 pm
E-2 vs. W-3 – 35 minutes after

Class A:  The “home team” or nearest team to the tournament site will play the last game of the state tournament’s first round.  Consolation game times on Day 2 may be adjusted to avoid the Game 4 loser playing the morning game.  If there are multiple teams from the tournament site, the highest seed will be the “home team”.  The pairings will remain the same, but game times will be adjusted.

State Tournament Passes:

Up to thirty passes per school may be issued. All players, student managers, coaches, and school officials must present passes or tickets for admission to any and all sessions.  * The cost for extra tickets will be deducted from the school’s team payment.

Updated 2/23/15

Updated 02/23/2015