Girls Golf Regulations

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New Regulation for 2015:

Change the number of qualifying teams from top 2/3 at region meet to top six teams at region meet.


  1. The beginning date of the season is set by the Board and concludes with the State Tournament.
  2. Practice sessions shall start at least 4 days prior to the first competition and there shall be at least 4 daily sessions. Individuals must have participated in 4 daily practice sessions before being permitted to participate in an interscholastic contest.
  3. Summer rules will be in effect.
  4. Golfers participating in any summer tournaments/competitions may advance and continue to play in any Junior Golf events including state, sectionals, regionals, nationals, even if these events take place after the start of and/or during the high school season. Participating in these events will not be a violation of the NDHSAA rules. Participants will not lose eligibility for high school meets, nor will it prohibit the participants from playing in high school events.
  5. Collared shirts are required for competitors.
  6. All Class A schools are eligible to enter the regional as assigned.
  7. Region registration shall be handled individually by each regional tournament manager. Coaches are requested to submit each participant in order (#1, #2, etc.) as an aid to the manager in arranging the foursomes.
  8. For Region and State, schools may enter a maximum of six players, with the four lowest scores from each day counting as the team score. The fifth score will be used to break ties. If still tied, the sixth score will be used to break ties. Should there be a team that does not have a fifth/sixth score, the other tied team will win the tie breaker provided they have a fifth/sixth score.
                           Note: A team may not substitute a player on the second day of the tournament.
  9. Competitors in each assigned group are required to exchange score cards.  At the conclusion of the round, each competitor must check before signing (attesting) the score card of the competitor they marked as well as checking before signing their own score card received from their marker.
  10. State Qualifiers: Team qualification:  The top 6 teams will advance from the Region Meet.  Also, individuals may qualify for state by one of the following:
    1. Top ten individuals (ties included) from regional play will advance to state plus any individual that scores 15 strokes above medalist or fifteen strokes above par, whichever is higher.
    2. The top ten all-conference selections from regular season play in their respective regions.
    3. Each regional site will designate one invitational tournament that will allow individuals to qualify for state.
      1. Number of players for Class A individual qualifier meets changed to eight (8)
    4. Qualifying mark will be 15 strokes above medalist or fifteen above par, whichever is higher.
      Note: The maximum number of strokes that a player must take on a hole will be 10. Picking up will cause ineligibility for “allstate” awards, but player is still eligible to contribute toward team score.
  11. The State Class A Girls’ Golf Tournament will be hosted by Rose Creek Golf Course in Fargo, with Todd Olson as manager. The tournament will be a two-day, 36-hole event.
  12. After the first day of play, groups will be reassigned according to the first day score. Care will be made to not have more than one athlete from a school in a group.
  13. Class A golf coaches may coach “through the green” as per below:
    1. Each team shall designate TWO COACHES who will be able to offer advice at any point during a round (Exception: as stated in #2 below). A coach is defined as a person that is a paid or non-paid employee designated as a golf coach by the school’s coaching staff.
    2. Before the day’s play, the designated coaches must be identified to the games committee by signing in and wearing the appropriate credential (designated coach) at all times.
    3. The designated coaches will not be allowed on the tee, within 10 yards of the green or bunker during play.
    4. A coach does not give advice to or ask for advice from another team’s player or coaches.
    5. The advice is given in a private manner that does not disrupt play.
    6. Coaches will be allowed contact with players following play of a hole between the green and the  next tee box.
    7. Players receiving advice during a hole will still be bound by the 40-second time limit to play a   shot.
    8. Each tournament shall have a tournament manager who has the authority to enforce the slow play rule and oversee the coaching rule.
    9. Coaches using carts – 90 degree rule, no carts on fairways, carts 30 yards from all players
    10. Violation – Penalty
      1. - By a coach—two-stroke penalty with a maximum of four-stroke penalty to a team, followed by a team disqualification.
      2. - By a player—two-stroke penalty with a maximum of four-stroke penalty to a player with final disqualification.
      3. The tournament committee/manager is responsible for assessing the penalties.
  14. Practice rounds may be played prior to the tournament provided it is held on a day where none of the team’s schools are in session. There will be no practice on the course prior to the starting time on the days of the tournament.
  15. Players shall exchange score cards.
  16. USGA official cards with the perforated card will be used for the state meet.
  17. A player is to be assessed a 2-stroke penalty for using a cell phone or other electronic communication device during any round of play.
  18. Range finders and GPS for all regular season and tournament play are allowed with the following stipulations:
    1. In each pairing if any player uses a range finder/GPS device, then all players in the pairing will have access to the device.
    2. Any player using a device, but does not allow other members of the pairing to utilize it when asked, will be disqualified for a serious breach of etiquette (USGA Rule 33-7) by the tournament committee.
    3. GPS devices on cell phones are not permitted.  Use of GPS devices on cell phones will result in disqualification.
    4. Range finders that calculate slope in addition to yardage are not permitted.  Use of range finders that calculate slope will result in disqualification of any player that utilized the device.
  19. One person per group will be allowed to enter scores using a cell phone if approved by the tournament rules committee.

2015 REGION SITES (deadline for region play is September 28, 2015):

East Region – Fargo
West Region – Bismarck


Rose Creek – Fargo  – Todd Olson, Manager

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